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Associate Professor Serkan Bekiroğlu
Yıldız Technical University, Turkey

Serkan Bekiroğlu, He was born in 1979, in Trabzon in Turkey. He graduated in 1996 at the Yomra Fen High School. He has got a degree in civil engineering in 2000, MSc in 2003 and Ph.D. in 2010 at Karadeniz Technical University. In meanwhile, he studied as Erasmus student at Ruhr University-Bochum during 2004-2005. He worked as Research Assistant at Karadeniz Technical University during 2002-2007, as Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Gümüşhane University during 2007-2012, as Assistant Professor at Yildiz Technical University during 2012-2017 and now is working as Associate Professor at the same university. He has made studies about optimization of structural systems with the heuristic algorithms, numerical modeling of structural elements and systems with finite element method, experimental tests of structural systems on shaking table, experimental dynamic tests of lead rubber bearing. He has been managers and be members in national projects. Moreover, He has given a contribution to a project titled as “Sönümleyici Mesnet Test Merkezi/Test Center of Damped Bearing Support” as vice project coordinator. He is married and has a child.