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First Day - Sümela Tour - 17 April 2019 09:30-18:00

The Sümela Monastery is located in the district of Maçka, Trabzon Province, and its name comes from its location, where it was previously known as Mela Mountain. In Greek “Stou mela” means “on Mela”. The present name of the monastery originally comes from the Greek dialect as “Sou-mela” (Sümela). It is believed that the monastery was built between AD 365-395. As the reason for constructing the monastery was the icon of the Virgin Mary, so the monastery was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is also known locally as the “Monastery of the Virgin Mary”.

The Sümela Monastery was built on the top of rocks a top of a hill on the banks of the Panagia Stream, 1,150 meters above sea level. Considered from the perspective of its natural surroundings, it is in an extremely challenging area. The architecture of the monastery resembles that of the churches of Cappadocia. The Sümela Monastery consists of a rock church, chapels, kitchen, holy spring, library, guest house and students’ rooms and there is also an aqueduct, which has been unearthed in a state of ruin.

The Sumela Monastery is reached by means of a steep path through the forest. Its entrance was evidently designed with security in mind and final access to the building was via a long and narrow flight of steps. A large aqueduct abutting the mountainside at the side of the steps brought water to the monastery.

Second Day - Uzungöl Tour - 18 April 2019 08:30-19:00

Uzungöl is a lake situated south of the city of Trabzon in the Black Sea Region, Turkey. Over the years, it has become a major tourist attraction along with a nearby village of the same name. The lake is situated about 99 kilometers from Trabzon and 19 kilometers from the Çaykara district. It was formed by landslide turning the riverbed into a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream. The area is famous for its outstanding natural beauty located in a valley between high rising mountains. The lake and village seem at first to appear inaccessible with the surrounding dense mountain forests and due to fog occasionally enveloping the lake in the evening.

Third Day - Ayder Tour - 19 April 2019 08:00-19:00

Ayder is situated 87 kilometers from the city center of Rize and 16 kilometers from Çamlıhemşin district. Ayder has very kind of activities, such as plateau, hot spring and winter tourism. Especially since 2004, Heliski skiing sport, which was held for the first time in our country, became focus of interest for native and foreign tourists. Ayder offers different holiday alternatives for its visitors via trekking, jeep safari, photo safari, camping and mountaineering.

Fourth Day - Batumi Tour - 20 April 2019 08:00-22:00

Batumi is the second-largest city in Georgia and tourist capital in the region. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is lined with palm trees and surrounded by mountains. It presents an eclectic mix of architecture, ranging from charming 19th century classical edifices to ultra-modern skyscrapers housing hotels and casinos. A regional party hub, Batumi has a vibrant night life, hosting increasingly big name international DJs and pop concerts. The Black Sea city welcomes visitors from across different regions - as of 2015, most tourists fly in from locations as diverse as Russia, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania and others.